Established in 2003

On September (30th 1979), this security fort
was built on an area measuring (16,880)m*

in the centre of Sulaimanya city. The design
was prepared by the then East Germans. The
building process was planned to be completed
in three stages. The first and second stages
were to be handled by the city’s local adminis-
tration. These two stages were plain buildings
but furnishing the place to function for deten-
tion, complete isolation and torture was given
to their reliable constructors.

The building was handed over in (1984)
and was used to full capacity until it was liber-
ated during the Kurdish Uprising in (1991).
The place was then turned into a shelter for
displaced families from Kirkuk and remained
so till 1996 when (Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmad)
offered a new place for those refugees and
then in participation with Newroz Company,
she offered to pay the expenses of turning the
entire place into a national museum (known
locally as the Amna Suraka National Mu-